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Back Hair Shaver

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BACK SHAVER that will make the entire shaving process quick, easy, and pain-free?  

Look no more. You are at the right place.

We all know how painful and expensive trips to the salon for hair removal can get. By using the back shaver, you can conveniently remove all the unwanted hair from the comfort of your home.

At last, you can shave off all the hard to reach areas and achieve the clean look you always wanted.

Back Hair Shaver For Men Features:

Anti-slip handle which is wider at the top will make sure that you never drop the back shaver while in the shower.

You can insert a rope or some kind of an elastic tie through the hole on the top of the handle and fasten it to your wrist. This will make sure that you never drop the back shaver, no matter how soapy your hands are.

Removable razor head can be changed easily. Its wide blade means a quick shave. The head is durable and suitable for long use.

But, once you feel that the blade is no longer sharp, for the best results, change the razor head.

The size of the head is 39x10 cm.

Ergonomic design means that you will be able to reach all the hard to get places of your back and remove all the hair safely. Just in case, don’t press the back shaver strongly against your skin to prevent injuries.

Dry or wet shave?

The answer is both. You can use the back shaver while showering too. It won’t rust so feel free to use it in the shower.

Say goodbye to painful and expensive back hair removal at the saloon. Get the back shaver and remove all the unwanted hair by yourself.

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