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Easy Garlic Chopper

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Make your dishes more appetizing, spicy, and fragrant and use garlic chopper to do so. It makes grating garlic extremely easy and fast.

No matter what our breath smells like, the taste of garlic is irreplaceable.

When we are chopping garlic the smell of it can stay on our fingers for a long time, no matter how much we wash our hands. To avoid this, use our garlic chopper.

Simply place the garlic cloves inside the tube on top of the grate. Cover it with a lid and quickly move this part of the grate back and forth.

It is as easy and as simple as this. Never again will you struggle to evenly chop the garlic.

We all know how healthy garlic is. It contains sulfur compounds good for our health. Garlic is also very nutritious and rich in vitamin C. It is a super plant that we all should include in our diets. The easy way to do so is by using a garlic chopper.

You can use this product to grate ginger too.

Garlic Chopper Features:

  • Garlic grater
  • Small and practical to use and storage
  • Your fingers are safe
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 4cm

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