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Eyeglasses Clip-On Reading Light

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Let the ray of light shine upon your life! Clip-on reading lights are something you need in your life.

They are VERY EASY TO USE. Simply clip them onto the handless of your glasses. This product is suitable for any type of glasses. Turn them on or off by using a switch.

This product is battery-powered by 2 CR2032 button batteries. One per each light.

If you are reading or working in dim or dark places clip-on reading lights are your best friend.

Is your partner complaining that you are keeping them up with your reading in bed when they are trying to sleep? Are you the one who is bothered with the bedside light on when you are trying to sleep?

Make this problem disappear. Buy the clip-on reading lights!

No matter what your posture is the LED light ray will always follow.

THEY ARE PERFECT FOR CRAFTY PEOPLE TOO. Crocheting, knitting, quilting, sewing, working with beads and jewelry are way easier with LED eyeglass clip on. Your eyes will thank you. 

Start out any project which has small parts and use clip-on LED lights. The difference is astounding, even the smallest bits will be illuminated and never again you will miss any.

Clip-On Reading Lights Features:

  • set of 2 clip-on reading lights

  • battery-powered (2 CR2032 button batteries)

  • bright LED lights that won’t damage your eyes

  • perfect for reading or working in badly lit places

  • ideal for doing arts and crafts

  • compact and portable

  • LED lights clip onto both sides of glasses (glasses not included)

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