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Jade Beauty Roller

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Do you want your inner and outer beauty to shine out? If your answer is yes USE JADE ROLLER.

Beauty ritual including jade stone dates back to the 7th century and ancient China.  It is believed that jade stone attracts luck and opportunity, bring peace and harmony, and reduce stress.

Jade roller is used for facial massages to promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness. This means NO MORE BAGGY EYES.

It is used in ANTY AGING therapy. Since it improves blood circulation it reduces the wrinkles too. 

Gentle massage with a jade roller helps in detoxifying through the lymphatic system, the major detox system in the human body. It even helps reduce the appearance of a double chin.


How should I use my jade roller?

This jade roller has two rollers. The smaller one is best for the area around the eyes and temples. The bigger one is best used on the cheeks, forehead, and neck.

Gently roll it over clean skin 2 to 4 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. You can use it over serum to help the serum penetrate the skin deeper.

Forehead area: Move the jade roller from the center of your forehead towards the ear until you reach the temple. Start at the beginning of the hairline and go down towards your eyebrows.

Repeat the motion 4 to 7 times. For the best result focus on the area where forehead wrinkles are the most prominent.

Eye area: Use the small roller and move it from the inner corner of the eyes towards the ears. Use the same motion for upper and lower eyelids for the best results.

Nose, lips, and chin area: Use the large roller and move from the nose towards the ear. Repeat the same motion starting from lips and chin. When you are moving from the chin follow the jawline. Repeat on the other side of the face.

Jawline and neck area: Start from the chin and move upward toward cheekbones. Repeat the motion but move towards the ears. Then, move the roller under the chin towards the collarbone starting from the outer area moving towards the inner area of the neck.

Reduce sinus pressure by placing a warm cloth over your face. Roll the small roller starting from the center of your face down either side of your nose and then toward the cheekbones.

Can I heat up or cool down my jade roller?

The answer is YES!

Put your jade roller in a fridge or freezer for a few minutes before use to reduce puffiness.

Heat it using warm water or sunlight to roll over any facial serum and help the skin absorb it better.

How to keep your jade roller in good condition?

To keep your jade roller fresh and clean use lemon juice, alcohol, soap, and water, or vodka. Dry it with an absorbent towel and make sure that it is completely dry before putting it away.


If it squeaks use a facial oil. Make sure that the oil is noncomedogenic to prevent clogging your pores.

USE JADE ROLLER all over the body and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.

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