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Luminous Glow Paint

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Do you want to light up the night? We do and we use glow paint for it.

It provides a long-lasting glow that will spice up any dark corner. You can make an amazing gift for someone telling them that they are the light of your life. Just use glow paint, the rest is easy.

DIY starry wish bottle and bring magic into someone’s life.

Use the glow paint to embellish your murals. Bring some magic to your kid’s room and spark up their imagination.

How does glow in the dark paint work?

There are two types of glow in the dark paint. One is clacked phosphorescent, the other fluorescent.

The fluorescent paint only glows while UV lights are turned on to charge it.

Our glow paint is phosphorescent. This means that it is charged during the day and glows for hours when it is dark.

The charging process takes place during the daytime when the sunlight or other light source charges special luminescent phosphors in the paint. The energy is stored in the paint just like electricity is stored in a battery.

This type of light is different from the light we get from the Sun. The Sun’s light is hot, this light is cold to the touch.

The special glowing of our glow paint is called luminescence.

Illuminate your life. Get our glow paint.

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