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Pet Feeding Ball

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The feeding ball will keep your pet moving!

We all know how important movement is to stay fit and healthy. The same goes for our pets. With an increase in obesity in pets, it is important to cut down on their portions and keep them moving.

This is easier said than done. It is when our pet feeding ball comes in play.

Our feeding toy:

  • stimulates pet’s interest
  • provides physical activity
  • teaches slow eating

Your pets won’t have their food served on a plate. They will have to work for it.

How does the pet feeding ball work?

Just open the toy and put the dry food in it. Close it and give it to your pet. It will then start to play with the toy trying to get to the food.

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When you put food in the feeding ball, your pet will need more physical activity to get to the food. It will put all the hard work into getting the food with a delicious result.

It helps with curbing unwanted behavior such as damaging furniture. No more furniture scratching or aggression!

Our feeding ball is made of durable, safe, and odorless material. It is very easy to clean. Just open it and use soapy water to clean it.

It can act as a daily feeder or can be used for fun play with treats.

Keep your pet happy, healthy, and in shape. Buy the pet feeding ball!

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